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What is Valuable Content and How Can I Create It?

I am absolutely sick of everyone giving this “sage” advice about creating quality. “Oh you should always create quality content“, they say. “Make sure your content is valuable“, they lecture. *eyeroll*

Yeah Yeah Yeah. But what no one adds to that is: WHAT makes your content so valuable and full of quality?

That’s precisely what I’ve put together in today’s show! What if I were to tell you that to judge if your content is valuable, you just need to answer 3 Questions for your audience. And then you’ll forever know if what you created is worthy or full or crap.

Pretty handy, eh. Watch below.

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below I want you to tell me if your content is educational, interesting or entertaining or some combination of the three!



Your job as an entrepreneur-marketer is NOT to produce content for the sake of producing content. If you think you have to create content to get your business ranked, to get people to notice, to get higher SERP rankings, to get traffic, to draw attention, to let everyone know about your awesomeness … then you’re creating for the WRONG reasons.

The ONLY reason you should be creating content is to add value to the lives of your audience.

Creating value is sexy.

Value is subjective. And it’s perceived differently by each person. Whats valuable for someone else may not be valuable to you. This is why you should’t cater to *everyone* but define the audience who will receive the most perceived value from your products and services.

The OraBrush Story

Dr. Bob Wagstaff invented the Orabrush tongue cleaner a decade ago. He used many forms of traditional marketing – such as TVCs and retail shops – to market the product. He spent over $40,000 on traditional marketing, which yielded only 100 orders. Clearly something had to shift. He knew his product was good, he just needed to appeal to his audience’s needs more specifically.

That’s when he discovered YouTube. He hired a college student and together they made a funny YouTube video with  budget of $500 and shot in a makeshift studio space. They called the video Bad Breath Test – How to Tell When Your Breath Stinks

To date, this video has over 23 million views!

It didn’t just go viral, the video also helped OraBrush become a leader in tongue cleaners, add thousands of subscribers to their channel, helped get their product stocked in major retail stores worldwide and gave the brand a huge positive identity.

The reason this video worked so well, when traditional forms of marketing had failed, is because it created VALUE.

Bad breath is traditionally a source of embarrassment and you can’t just go asking people if your breath stinks so there’s no safe way to tell. Until this video came along. It offered viewers a chance to perform a simple test on themselves to know once and for all, if they suffered from halitosis – the scientific name for bad breath.

This video was quality content because it created value for its audience. It hit all the three “quality markers”. So what are these markers and how can your brand know if it’s creating value? Read on!

The 3Qs of Value

With every price of content that you create, you have to ask 3 Questions with regard to that content.

Q1: Does my content make someone feel more knowledgeable?

Value is created when someone feels more knowledgable than before. If you tell someone something that makes them feel smarter, they will find that content valuable. (e.g. buying guides for comparison shopping)

Q2: Does it empower them to take action?

Value is created when you empower someone to take action. If after I read your article, I feel I can now do this thing myself, I feel that your content was of great value to me. (e.g. website tutorial for wordpress)

Q3: Is it entertaining?

Value is created when you entertain someone. Making people laugh or feel other positive emotions gives them relief from their daily struggle and may set the tone for how they feel. They may be grateful to you for making their day brighter or they may be feel happier as a result of smiling more thanks to your content. Either way they find value in what you presented. (e.g. cute video of babies and pets playing

Your Turn

OraBrush hit all three markets with their video – it was educational, empowering and entertaining. You don’t have to hit all three, but try and aim for at least 1 with each piece of content that you create.

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