August 22


How to Be Engaging on Camera Even if You’re an Introvert

Fact: people watch people who are entertaining and engaging on camera.

So how can you better express yourself on camera, even if you’re an introvert like me, or not very high energy naturally.

I’m going to show you 5 very simple things you can do today to be more expressive on camera!

So, are you you ready???

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Engaging content is watchable, keeps your viewers interest and keeps them coming back for more!

But for introverts, like me, being high energy all the time is not something we can do.

Video is a rich format, but if you don’t use it right, it could actually have the opposite effect from what you intended and drive away viewers.

So working on being engaging and expressive on camera is super important.

And even if you’re an introvert, you can apply my simple hacks to be more expressive on camera.

Put on a Camera Persona

Sometimes, you need to exaggerate one part of your personality a little more just for the camera. That’s because I believe that the camera 10xs your personality – so a little exaggeration goes a long way! For example, I wear many hats – I’m Salma the daughter, Salma the businesswoman, Salma the friend, Salma the mom, etc, but on camera I highlight one personality – Salma the teacher! That’s because on camera, I’m most comfortable sharing knowledge, guiding, teaching, instructing, and presenting.

So find a part of your personality that sits well with you and that you feel the most comfortable in. And bring that to your next camera outing.

Get Animated!

Your audience takes cues from your body language. So try to incorporate hand gestures that match your words and tone. Irrelevant gestures will distract viewers, whereas gestures that correspond to your words will help underline your meaning and make you seem more engaging. So, use your hands!

Add Tonal Modality

Varying the pitch of your voice is again an easy hack to implement that will help you appear way more engaging than you feel. Go high-pitched for questions and low-pitched for adding intrigue or meaning.

Look at the Lens

People feel more engaged with you when you look directly at them in a friendly way. That means you need to look directly at the camera lens when speaking to your audience. You are allowed to look away and blink naturally, but try and look at the lens for the majority of your videos.

Smile in the First 7 Seconds

Force yourself to smile even if you don’t feel like it. Smiling adds relatability and instant likability. By smiling right at the beginning, you ensure that people will watch more of your video.


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