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Marketing Automation for Beginners – How to Keep your Business Running w/ Free Tools

Do you ever feel like you need to step away from your business for a while? Maybe it’s because you need a break, maybe you want to travel, maybe you’re not well, maybe you just need some time off and some perspective…..whatever the reason, do you worry about your business declining or falling apart when you’re not actively in it?

If so, this video is for you! I’ve been vacationing for the better part of June 2017, but before I left, I set up some systems that have continued to drive followers, subscribers and sales for me. What are those systems? Watch the video! (hint: they are all free!)

How To Use Marketing Automation

The three systems and strategies I describe in this video are:

  1. Use YouTube as your top of funnel strategy to get views. This works because videos on YouTube mature with time. Since YouTube is a search engine, your videos will get found by your prospective audience weeks, months and even years later. So the hard work you put into making videos and optimizing them for YouTube pays you back 10-fold with time. I dunno about you, but I like systems that help me work smart not hard. So take a break and put in place video that will do the heavy lifting for you.
  2. Automate your email marketing. Mailchimp recently introduced free automated emails and even though I’m not currently using that facility, there’s a lot you can do with scheduled emails. I schedule an email to go out to my subscribers every Tuesday corresponding to my YouTube video. See one of my sample emails that I send out weekly. I can write the email in advance and schedule it for Tuesday so my audience is receiving consistent updates from me.
  3. Place links in your email to any ongoing promotions that you want to drive sales to. I often drive people to join my Facebook Group or to a current service I’m offering (such as my recent Video Content Plan service). This way you’re always able to drive people to view what you have for sale while you’re travelling or taking a break from active promotions.


Tell me in the comments below what systems appeal to you and make sense for your business. Can you start using them right away? Join my free Facebook Group “Personal Branding with Video” for more discussion, live videos and interaction.





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