July 11


How to Plan Your Day Effectively – The 3 Task Rule

There are days when I used to start work in the morning and just be so overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me. There was just so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Then I read a productivity tip and it said to focus on just 3 main tasks everyday, because realistically speaking, our brains are just not wired to handle more than that!

So I restructured my day with the 3 tasks that were most important to me every day. Watch the video to see what they are:

The 3 Task Rule

The 3 Task Rule is rooted in psychology and says that you don’t want to overwhelm your mind with too many tasks because that will lead to procrastination, overwhelm and burnout. Too few tasks will not challenge you and too many will overwhelem you. So three tasks is the optimal number of tasks to set for your self on a daily basis.

The 3 Tasks you Need to Do Daily

They are:

The Money Task: this is typically client work, or any work that pays the bills. I typically devote 6-8 hours of my time on this task, depending on how many clients I’m working with at any given time.

The Marketing Task: this is my personal branding work, that I use to market my business. It includes making videos, writing articles and answering questions on email and social.

The Spiritual Task: this is me-time. After all that hard work, I need to re-charge and just be. This typically is either taking a walk by myself, a long hot shower, cuddling with kids, perhaps baking something. It really varies with what I need to feed my soul.


Now I’d love to hear from you. How will you divide your day into these 3 tasks? Continue the discussion over on our Facebook Group.




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