June 13


How Coaches & Consultants Can Build a Personal Brand with Video

Are you a coach? Or a consultant? A solopreneur? Any kind of business-of-one? Then you have a unique advantage when it comes to creating videos. How?

Watch this video to see 5 tips on how you, as a personal brand, can gain a competitive advantage over big brands.


1. Make it Personal – people are buying you, so make yourself irresistible and stand out. Bring your full personality to the forefront and don’t shy away from controversy. It shows you have opinions and aren’t afraid to stand behind them.

2. Showcase Real Stories – interview a client about their result, or show what a session with you looks like with an active demonstration. Show what it looks like to work with you. A lot of times we don’t know what we’ll get when we hire a coach so eliminate the hurdles (real or imaginary) to get your clients closer to booking you.

3. Answer Questions – best way to establish authority is to answer common questions. Use your own forum, FB Group, or find questions from Quora or answerthepublic.

4. Build Themed Topics – use your website categories or service packages to riff off themes. Create lots of videos around a small, focused topic. That will help you become the go-to person for that topic.

5. Use Playlists – Organize your themes into playlists (YT and FB) so it’s easier for viewers to find a whole collection of videos to go through on related topics. That way they feed the YT algorithm (because it keeps people watching) and it also establishes your expertise.


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  • Depending on vocation, it can still be a pretty big challenge. I’ve been doing my videos since 2012 and I have only one subscriber more than the videos I’ve done. lol Still, it gives me extra content that I can embed in some blog posts, so I take what I can get.

    • Mitch I hear you! It can be tough growing an audience. Are you using SEO to maximize the organic reach of your videos? Are you using social networks to strategically distribute your videos? Everything makes a small difference, which adds up over time.

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