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Build a Brand on YouTube

Youtube is considered a great place to show off your talents, but did you also know that YouTube is a great place to build your brand? It’s true!

And Brian G. Johnson – my guest on the show today literally wrote the book on how to get the max from YouTube to build a powerful channel that gets you visibility and opportunities and allows you to stand out like the expert you are. In this video he presents his 7 step process to building a brand on YouTube.


Building a brand is more than just decidign the colors, fonts and logo of your business. It entails a deep dive into your very philosophy of being in business and why you do things the way you do them. So I asked Brian the following 3 questions to get some insight into how he gre his YouTube channel from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in just a year and the lessons he learned doing it.

Brian’s brand has grown by leaps and bounds as he implemented his 7 step ritual and he’s here to share it with you here.

Q1. What’s your philosophy on building a personal brand?

Q2. What is the role of YouTube and video in general in building a brand?

Q3. What are some actionable steps for entrepreneurs to take to build a brand on YouTube?


Watch the video to see his answers and remember to leave a comment below on which of the 7 steps you find the most challenging!

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