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How Your Personal Brand Can Take on Attributes of BIG Media Companies

We all consume media, but increasingly we are able to choose which aspect of the media we want to listen to. Don’t like CNN’s political perspective on something, go find an individual on Twitter with an alternate view on things. Want to hear another side of the story pharmaceutical companies are telling you? Listen to a doctor on YouTube giving alternate health advice.

Personal brands and influencers have a huge voice and merit, thanks to being able to build their brands online.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and your BIG dream is to share your ideas, opinions and experiences with people, then you have all the tools you need to become not just a brand, but a media brand with influence.

That means you can control your content, you can distribute your content and you have full flexibility on how you build a brand based on your value system.

If all this sounds very big-headed and impossible when you’re just starting out, then in this video I’m going to break it it down into 3 things you need to focus on to build a media brand.



Think of any media brand you know – a magazine like National Geographic or Teen Vogue, or maybe a TV company, like HBO or CNN. What do they have in common? They have 3 things:

A Mission Bigger Than the Business

For example, Teen Vogue’s mission to empower a generation young women. Will they reach and impact all these women? No. But it can still be their mission. And that’s the first thing you need to know – a movement doesn’t have to be attainable, it needs to be aspirational.

A Flagship Offer

HBO is famous for showing box office hits. Does it show independent movies and original productions? Sure. But it’s famous for it’s flagship offer, which is box office hits. Same for CNN, it’s known for being the first  24-hour news channel. Does it present stuff other than the news now? Sure, it has travel shows and food shows that are not strictly news, but it’s flagship offer is never-ending news.

Deep Audience Connection

When you subscribe to NatGeo magazine, you get access to content that’s members-only. This helps the brand develop a deeper, more exclusive connection with their audience.

So now that you know the building blocks of what makes a great media company, how can we apply these concepts to you, an entrepreneur with limited time and resources? How can YOU, an entrepreneur, be a media brand?

Here are 3 fundamental concepts you can apply to your business, no matter what stage of business you’re in!

Launch a Movement, Not Just a Business

A movement goes beyond what your business is about. A movement is about starting a cause you believe in. It’s based on your value system.

For example consider these entrepreneurs:

  • Tim Ferris started a movement called The Four-Hour Workweek, in which he stipulated that you don’t need to wait till retirement to travel and live the life of your dreams.
  • Marie Forleo started a movement in which she said it’s possible to build a business and life that you love – simultaneously! *gasp*

Similarly you can launch a movement around what your belief system is.

Are you a mompreneur who believes that every mom should get paid maternity leave? Start a movement around that.
Or maybe you’re a health coach who believes that eating fats and carbs are good for your body
Or perhaps you’re a travel agent who’s a staunch believer that anyone can travel the world if they so want to

Start a movement around your core idea.

My movement? I want every entrepreneur to create their own show on video, and that’s my aim. Will I reach it? Probably not, but the people who want to create their own show will come to me. The people who want to explore other means of visibility will go elsewhere.

A movement is based on a shared value system. What you’re trying to do when you start a movement is to attract people who also believe in what you believe. The good thing about attracting people with similar belief systems is that beliefs are entrenched in your psyche and as a result, are very hard to shake. Therefore. you’re attracting a die-hard group of people who believe in the same cause as you! And that’s super powerful, as you’ll see in Steps 2 and 3.

Create Raving Fans

Contrary to mass media, being a personal brand means building personal relationships. Your customer are not numbers and you can and should develop 1:1 relationship with as many of your core followers as you can. Derek Sivers in his famous TEDtalk said that a leader only becomes a leader when he gets his first follower. He said: “The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader”.

Great leaders and entrepreneurs embrace those first followers and cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with them. because they know that the first follower is not just a future customer, they are also the brand’s advocates and raving fans. They will help the entrepreneur spread her message deeper and wider willingly and happily.

To create raving fans, you should have conversations with your followers in intimate settings. You can have a VIP event for them, or start a member’s only Facebook Group, make them beta testers, send them special newsletters, etc. Find a way to communicate 1:1 with those special band of followers who are your raving fans.

Create a Niche Offer

Plan to become incredibly well-known for one specific thing.

  • Pat Flynn became famous for sharing his income reports
  • John Lee Dumas became famous for his 7-day interview podcast

They both do so much more than that today, but that’s what made them famous.

So think about what 1 product or service can you launch that you can become well—known for. Then promote that 1 thing as your niche offer.

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Remember, build a powerful personal brand and go after what you want because YOU CAN #BetheMedia!





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