April 30


The Fear of Not Being Good Enough: Why Should Anyone Buy From Me?

“Why would anyone buy from me?” This question seeps into our minds in almost any profession. In any industry. And for just about any product or service.

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me 3 things about you that your customers may not know.

Why Would Someone Buy From Me When There Are Other/Similar Options?

We ask ourselves a variation of:

There are so many fashion designers already. Why would someone buy my designs?
There are so many freelance writers. Why would someone choose my writing?
There are so many home bakers, what’s so special about my cupcakes?
There are so many life coaches, why would someone choose my services?

And guess what the answer is?


You are what makes your business unique.

People don’t buy from a phone number, or a website, or a business card. They buy from you. They buy into who you are and what you represent.

Here’s a story that illustrates this concept just so well:

When I first started out freelance writing, baffled folks would come to me and say stuff like “but there are literally 50 people vying for that same project. I don’t possibly stand a chance! How do you differentiate yourself Salma?” And I used to think to myself, well, there’s probably a million freelance writers who are better than me, faster than me, politer than me, etc etc, so does that mean I shouldn’t be here?

Heck no! I knew that I have something to offer that no one else does. Of course I hadn’t figured out what that something else was, but I just went with it. I pitched and I got clients. So why is that? Why did I have the confidence to pitch myself even though “there’s so many people better than me and why should anyone buy from me?”

Are you ready for the epiphany?

The Real Reason you Are Comparing Yourself to Others

Here’s the real reason you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and lemme tell you , it’s got nothing to do with your competition. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP.

Comparing yourself to your competition is just an excuse. Because you’re afraid of the real reason. And the real reason is that you’re afraid you’ll fail. The real reason is that you believe – mistakenly of course – that you’re not good enough. Why would anyone buy from me?

Do you see it now?

Well, let me tell you that that kind of fear can be debilitating, and it’s what stands between you getting customers, clients, what have you.

Do It Anyways; Find your USP

Do you know how to come out of it? Just like I did. By doing it anyways. Yes there a million designers, be one anyway. Yes there are 2 million writers, be one anyway.

When you take action and pursue your interests you’ll eventually gain clarity about just how you’re helping people.


Because they’ll TELL YOU.

As you start working with clients and customers, they’ll tell you why they chose you.

And that is your USP. Your Unique Selling Proposition.

It’s what makes you different. It’s why people buy from you.

How Does Consumer Psychology Relate to Marketing your Biz?

Once you’ve discovered your USP, you can BLEED it from every damn marketing network and page in existence. because you’ll know EXACTLY what to say. Buy from me because ____________

This is your marketing copy. This is what needs to go on the home page of your website. This is the copy you need to write for all your social media accounts. This is your WHY.

BLEED it from every place imaginable. Talk about your why at networking events. Join groups and talk about your why. Practice saying it in different ways in your blog posts.

Because we don’t buy from businesses, we buy from other people.

Find your why and you eliminate this marketing roadblock of understanding how you should sell.




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