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How to Market Your Business When you Have NO Money and NO Time

A reader recently asked me the million dollar question:

“Let’s say you have zero dollars to invest in marketing, not a cent. How would you get your brand out there?”
– Kellie

Glad you asked Kellie! I present to you my 8-steps in marketing your business online without spending a single penny and without it taking up massive amounts of your time. Watch now!

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me what’s holding you back from doing these 8 steps? No, really. What’s the hold up?


How to Market Your Business When you Have NO Money and NO Time

Step 1: Make a Video
Take your phone and record yourself giving advice on the challenges in your industry/niche.
Step 2: Share that Video on the Top 3 video-friendly social networks
Put your video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.
Step 3: Transcribe your Video into a Blog Post
Turn your video into a blog using the transcript.
Step 4: Convert your video into a podcast
Submit your video to iTunes or SoundCloud as a video podcast.
Step 5: Email your video to your list
Send your video to your email list or use it to start an email list.
Step 6: Make 3-10 pieces of social media updates from that 1 video
Turn bits and pieces of your video content into social media updates for twitter, FB, Instagram.
Step 7 (optional): Get on Periscope and Get Real-Time Feedback
Get on Periscope and get real time feedback from your community about your ideas.
Step 8: Rinse & Repeat
Iterate, tweak and refocus according to which platform gives you the best results. Good luck!!
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