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How to Share Your Content on Multiple Platforms (without being annoying)

Jess has a problem that plagues many smart entrepreneurs and marketers. She’s created an epic piece of content that she wants everyone to see, but if she shares the same post with the same wording everywhere, won’t that annoy people who follow her on more than one channel? And won’t they get turned off seeing multiple messages from her saying the exact same thing?

What should she (and you) do? How can you share the same message on your FB page, FB profile, email list, blog, etc? Is there a system for this?

Jess, there IS a system to deal with this and it’s called Upcycling! I’m going to show you how to upcycle your content so you frame your message in unique and different ways using my Dressing Up Strategy. It’s as fun as it sounds 😉

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me how you plan on using the “Dressing Up” Strategy to upcycle your content!


What is Upcycling?

Converting content into a different format for the purpose of reaching a native audience

Top Benefits of Upcycling:

Upcycling is:

  • Great for SEO
  • People consume information in different lways, so you serve a wider audience
  • Frame your message in different ways – practice makes your message stronger and gives you a chance to present diff perspectives on the same thing

What Should you Upcycle?

  • Evergreen, pillar content
  • Long-form or in-depth content
  • Thought-leadership content

How Should you Upcycle using the “Dressing Up” Strategy?

Use the “Dressing Up” strategy to upcycle content so your audience never gets bored or annoyed with what you’re sharing. here’s how it works. When you go out to a black tie event, you’d wear formal wear, perhaps a ball gown, right? When you go to the beach, you’d be in swimwear. When you’re out having brunch with your girlfriends, you’d probably dress casually. You dress up according to what the event is and who you’ll be with.

Apply the same strategy to your content. When you’re going to a Facebook profile “party” where your friends and family are, keep the tone of your content casual and familiar. When you’re going to a Facebook Page “party”, give some context and business background. When you’re going to a Twitter “party, keep your content short and conversational. When you’re going to a LinkedIn “party” put on your best business suit and be personable.

Here are a few more tips to Upcycle your content:

– Start with your main content and imagine it wearing different dresses
– Mold the content to fit the dress (e.g. convert a blog post into an answer on FB group or in Quora, except written in a conversational tone)
– Add platform-specific meta-data to it (e.g. hashtags for Instagram, show notes for a podcast, and so on)
– Cross-promote different versions on social media, spacing out your posts throughout the week
– Bask in the illusion of “being everywhere”!

Your Turn

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