June 9


5 Steps to a Kick-Ass Content Strategy That Gets you Clear Business Results

Clarity is power. When you clearly tell your brain to go after something, it DOES!

When I decided to have a baby, suddenly all I could see were babies around me. Similarly, when I decided on the car I wanted to buy, suddenly a lot of people seemed to be driving that car on the roads. Your brain works in these funny ways, showing you more of what you exactly focus on.

When you’re creating content you need to tell your brain to focus on creating results, otherwise your content will be all over the place, you won’t connect with anyone, and no one will read, watch, hear or see your efforts. And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Content can help you achieve ALL your business goals but first you gotta have a plan. Watch this week’s show for 5 steps you need to take to get a clear content strategy in place.

Oh and watch till the end because I make a special announcement at the end AND you’ll see just how stressful it is to create videos with kids. Oh boy!

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me if you have a written content strategy and how does it help you to stay focused and create relevant content for your audience.


Create Content, Not Noise

A friend said to me that “content is a great differentiator that will help me stand out in business from my competitors with more money and resources”. She was absolutely SPOT ON! Content can help you stand out, but only if you create purposefully.

Too many people jump headfirst into execution. And while doing is great, doing without knowing your why, is just creating noise in the world. Without a strategy, you’re not going to attarct your ideal audience, you  won’t be able to get them to engage with you, you won’t be able to keep producing content, and you’ll get disheartened. But with a strategy, you’ll get focused and clear on the value you’re providing.

TWEET IT OUT: Without a strategy, content creation is just noise.

How Will A Content Strategy Help You?

A Content strategy will help you:
– Identify how content can help you meet your biz goals
– Complete the feedback loop between goals and success
– Allow you to create for results
– Gain clarity on your why.

How to Create a Content Strategy in 5 Steps

1. Identify your goals, objectives and success metrics

2. Know your ideal client’s pain points

3. Determine what kind of content will address that pain

4. Determine your distribution plan for helping the content reach your client

5. Analytics – understand what the data tells you and tweak based on results

Your Turn

Tell me in the comments below how you think a content strategy will help you!

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