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6 Tips to be More Personable on Video

Video is HARD!

The power of video, is of course, that it grabs attention immediately, engages the senses and presents information in a stimulating way.

But here’s the thing: if you can’t make good videos, it’s probably better not to make videos at all.

Shocker? I think not!

Let me give you an example:

If you’re going to be reading your company’s latest press release, then please don’t make a video
If you’re going to be dead, robotic and monotone, then please don’t make a video.

If you’re self conscious, but have a message to share, then please DO make a video!
If you don’t have the right equipment, but are enthusiastic in your delivery, then please DO make a video!

If you want to make video work, you have to inject some life into the process. Watch to find out my 6 tips on how to bring your whole personality to video and make your audience love you.

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me how you plan to bring your persnality to online video!


How To Be Personable on Video

Step 1: Talk about something that lights you up

Natural enthusiasm shows easily. What topics get you all fired up when you’re with your friends? when are you the most vocal and have something to say? Those are the things you should be talking about on video.

Step 2: Talk to a friend. The camera is your friend.

What do you think I see when I look ahead. I don’t see a camera lens. I see you. I see a person. I even know your name. I know who I’m talking to because I have a specific person in mind [Watch the episode on how to develop a buyer persona]. When I’m on camera, I’m imagining you nodding along, smiling, soaking up what I’m saying. That’s crucial to my on-camera confidence. Without that, I’d be stuck in a perpetual fear of “why would anyone watch me?”

Step 3: Get jiggly!

Don’t be afraid to move around, move your arms, head, neck, shoulders. Be expressive. Power pose before starting.

Watch Amy Cuddy’s TEDtalk on power-posing and why it’s so important to develop confidence in a situation. If you’re feeling a bit stiff, your delivery will be stiff too. So before you start your video, jump around, talk loudly, rehearse what you want to say.

Step 4: Rehearse your expressions in a mirror.

Seeing what you look like when you say certain things adds ti your self-awareness. For example, every time I tried to look puzzled about something, my eyebrows would make this downward turn and I’d end up frowning instead of looking puzzled.

Step 5: Watch someone who inspires you

When you’re feeling low, watch your favourite motivational talk, or read something from your mentor or anyone who inspires you. Chances are that your energy will heighten as you get inspired by others.

Step 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Any mentor I reached out told me to practice my on-camera presence. And even though the first few videos will really bad, eventually I found my flow. You will too, if you allow yourself some breathing space and keep practicing to find what works for you. It’s how everyone starts!


Video is powerful. But only when done right. And being personable on video has nothing to do with equipment but everything to do with your content, delivery, and style.

That said, however, I know you’re interested in just what video equipment I use, so here’s a list of all my gear:

Video Gear List:

Camera: Canon T2i
Lens: 50mm Prime Lens
Libeck Tripod
Collar Mic: Audio Technica (wired)
Audio Recorder: ZoomH4N
Umbrella Lights (2)
Backdrop Stand: DIY PVC Pipes frame
Backdrop: Plain green sheet
Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Audio Plugins: Waves

And here’s a checklist of all the things I do to prepare to BRING IT to my videos. Feel free to get inspired and steal the same checklist for yourself!




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