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6 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content + Marketing = Content Marketing. The first part of the process is creating content, and the second part is marketing. But often most people confuse “marketing” with distribution.

In my opinion, marketing your content can further be broken down into two parts: Distribution + Promotion.

Distribution is simply the logistics of placing your content in various (social) places. That’s easy to do. But promotion involves relationship-building. This is actually the tough part for most people and it requires you to bring your A-game.

My 6 tips for beginner content marketers and budding entrepreneurs focus on shifting your mindset to one of relationship-building and authenticity. That’s the only way to do content marketing right and reap it’s benefits.

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In the comments below tell me which of these 6 tips applies to you the most as you start your content marketing journey?


6 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Content Marketing is Equivalent to Life Advice

Bring your whole self to the business of marketing. Gone are the days when marketing was viewed as some silo department thing. CM is immersive. Its about building trust. Trust takes time and is an inherent part of your personality.

2. Tell Great Stories

All stories have a certain pattern. There’s a protagonist, there’s the hook or the problem and finally there’s the resolution.

Stories are literally everywhere around us. Find one and tie it back to your business. If I could rename content marketing to something else, it would be story marketing. That’s the future.

3. Believe you ARE Interesting

A lot of times people think that because they had a good childhood, a stable job, a secure relationship that there’s nothing interesting about them. Interest doesn’t just come from hardships, it comes from being relatable. If you have an opinion and I can relate to that, you become interesting to me. So voice your opinions often to atttact people to you.

4. Build Relationships

Early on from your marketing efforts, give to give. If you’ve watched my reciprocity video or believe in karma, you know that eventually you’ll get an opportunity to “make the ask”. Most people give give give and then give up, usually right before they would have seen success. Know that the best relationships take time and nurture them.

Remember the best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. So if you’re naturally reaching out and building relationships, you might be marketing without even knowing it!

5. Don’t Give up Too Soon

Content marketing is a commitment. And it’ll take time for results to start showing up.

6. Start With the End in Mind

Smart marketing is all about being authentic and tying that in to the business goals you want to achieve.




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