May 27


What Are You REALLY Selling?

The other day I was sitting across from a prospective client and he said “we want to re-brand”.

“Why?” I asked him.

Because we want to sell more pizzas. Can you help us come up with a marketing slogan?

Ok, but what are you REALLY selling?

Umm, pizzas. I just told you.

No, what are you REALLY REALLY selling beyond pizzas?

[End convo]

I get it: sometimes you’re just selling pizza to someone who’s hungry and it IS as simple as that. But when you want to craft a marketing message, you have to think beyond the product to understand why someone would buy from you versus anyone else.

To find a marketing message that would resonate with your audience, you need to know what you’re REALLY selling!

In today’s video you’ll learn that your customers are not just buying your product, they are buying something much much more valuable. But what is it exactly? Watch the video to learn what you’re REALLY selling using a super-simple strategy 🙂

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. I want you to tell me in the comments below what you’re selling and what you’re REALLY selling.

Video Script

What Are you REALLY Selling: Go Beyond the Product to Make Meaningful Connections

Every business owner wants to know how to sell BUT they make a very common mistake. They start their marketing efforts with the product in mind. That’s the wrong place to start.

You’re not really selling pizza. You’re selling having a good time with your friends. Pizza is just part of that experience.

You’re not really selling jewellery. You’re selling staying chic and looking fab.

You’re not really selling a beauty cream. You’re selling confidence and looking great.

What are the Big Brands REALLY Selling?

Let’s take a look at the marketing messages of some big brands:

Disney doesn’t promote its rides, it promotes happy families making lasting memories.

Dropbox isn’t just selling cloud storage, its selling security that you have a backup should things go awry.

Uber isn’t selling a taxi service, its selling the ability to get to your destination on time.

Airbnb isn’t selling accommodations. Its selling the idea that you can feel at home anywhere in the world.

When apple first launched the iPod, it didn’t say you can have 1GB of space to store your music files. In fact it didn’t talk about anything technical at all. Instead, it said “1000 songs in your pocket.” Done deal.

How to Find What you’re REALLY Selling? (Hint: Use this simple strategy!)

Here’s a simple strategy that any entrepreneur can use to determine what they’re REALLY selling.

I call it the “so-what” strategy. And here’s how it works:

I’m selling the best mobile phone.

So what?

It has a sharp display and long lasting battery power and fits in your hand and looks great.

So what?

It’ll make your life easier by helping you stay in touch with your connections.

So what?

When you stay in touch you can respond faster and know what’s happening all the time.

So what?

You can run your business on-the-go. You can be completely location-independent.

Ah. Gimme some of that!! Now you’re appealing to my lifestyle choice. I like having a portable online business that I can run from anywhere.

The so-what strategy helps you refocus from the features of your product to its benefits to the emotional connections it offers.


People don’t buy products, they buy lifestyle experiences. 

So remember the next time you want to sell something, find out how it makes someone’s life better. And then use that as your main marketing message.

Tell me in the comments below what you’re selling and then tell me what you’re REALLY selling.

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