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How to Plan & Structure your YouTube Videos to Keep Viewers Engaged

Entrepreneur! When you make consistent high quality videos for your YouTube channel, you are viewed as an authority. But when you ramble, fumble, or don’t hold your audience’s interest, then your video engagement will begin to suffer and viewers won’t watch till the end.

When your thoughts don’t flow easily, the result becomes painful for the viewer to watch. Which is why in this video I share with you my Video Engagement Timeline so you can plan, organise, structure and storyboard your videos too flow better and help you sound like the authority you are!

How to Plan, Structure and Storyboard your YouTube Videos

Why is it important that people watch videos all the way through? Why is it important to structure your videos?

1. Consistent videos that flow well build viewer interest and engagement
2. YouTube ranks videos according to watch time
3. A consistent format builds familiarity with your audience

The Video Engagement Timeline

For an 8-10 minute video, use the following guidelines:

Intro (50-60 seconds): Should contain the promise of the headline and how you intend to fulfil it. Can also contain how the problems affects you personally to build in some reliability and likability at the outset

Title (10 seconds): Should contain the title of your show an your name as the host.

Frame the Problem (2-3 minutes): Talk about the problem you’ll be solving from different angles to help the viewer gain a deeper understanding of it. Discuss how the problem affects their business or life and why they may be facing this problem. This way you set them to be eager for the solution.

The Solution (4-5): Discuss each solution with an example. Solution 1 followed by an example, solution 2 followed by an example, and so on. This way your viewer gets to see the solution in a realistic context.

The Hook (mid-point): Keep your viewer engaged till the end by making a promise typically at the mid-point of your video. This encourages them to watch the latter half of your video as well as not get bored in the middle.

The CTA (1-2 minutes): Place your call-to-action at the end by asking people to take specific action after watching your video. If you ask, your viewers will be more likely to take action.


Right click “Save As’ to save this timeline, download it, print it and keep it as a reference when making YouTUbe videos.

Your Turn

What did you think of the video engagement timeline? Will you use it to structure your youtube videos?




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