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The KLT Factor: 3 Steps to Attract Customers to your Business

This might be hard to hear but here’s the thing: no one really cares about you, they just care how you can help them. So you need to understand what your target audience needs and what motivates them to buy. And then you need to convince them to do business with you.

There’s two ways to convince folks. There’s the direct way of course, where you just tell them how amazing you are and hope they see it too (I mean they’d be crazy not to, right? Gag). And then there’s the slightly longer, somewhat more convoluted, but utterly fascinating and totally effective path of making your customers fall in love with you so they just can’t help but buy from you.

I’m only half-joking.

Making someone love a business is no different to making someone love a person. That is, the same principles apply. And what are they? They’re called the “KLT Factor”.

Watch the video to see how to make someone fall in love with your business (and you!) using the KLT Factor 🙂

(If you prefer to read, the video transcript is below the video)

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. In order for this to work, you need to think about what you can do that will enhance your Know-Like-Trust factor. I want you write down in the comments below what you can do in your business right away – TODAY! – that will make people *know and like and eventually trust* your business.

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Video Script

Do you want more people to buy from you?

If so you need to learn 3 simple steps that form the KLT factor.

KLT stands for Know, Like and Trust and it’s the secret to getting more customers and more repeat buyers for your business. And best of all? It’s completely free to implement!

How does KLT work?

You know it’s a universally accepted concept that “people do business with people they like”, right?

Think about any business you repeatedly buy from and chances are that you buy from them because you know them, like them and trust them.

So the trick is to think about your business like a person.

Here’s what business author Zig Ziglar says: “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

So how do we move an audience to trusting you and buying from you? Here are 3 steps you need to implement:

Step 1: How do you get someone to know you?

  1. First get to know them/your audience. Who buys from you? What is their age? What are their motivations? What problems are you solving for them? Go deep into identifying who your ideal customer is. The more specific you can be, the better.
  1. Next, give them stuff for free. If you run a blog give your advice for free. If you have a product to sell, give out some free samples. In return ask people to leave honest reviews. Giving a freebie is one of the fastest ways to be known for something. If you want to be known as a speaker, start speaking for free at colleges, universities, events, associations, institutes, etc.

You get the point right?

Build awareness by offering offer something for free.

Step 2: How do you get someone to like you?

  1. Find common ground. When two people meet at a park and both are walking their dogs, they naturally talk about what’s common between them, i.e. their pet.  If  two moms meet at doctor’s office and both have toddlers, a natural discussion on parenting ensues.

 Talk about stuff in your business that people can relate to. Is it your eco-friendly approach? It is your favourite charity to donate to? Is it your passion for tea over coffee? Just talk about factors that influence the way you do business. Find commonalities. That way, like-minded people will be attracted to you.

  1. Be selectively vulnerable. This means is to show your weakness in a manner that makes you more human. No one really likes a perfectionist. And no one’s perfect. So when you show yourself as an imperfect business that faces challenges and has room for improvement, you show yourself as vulnerable. People like to know that others have faults too 🙂

Step 3: How do you get someone to trust you?

Once they Know you and Like you, here are 3 things you can do to get someone to trust you:

  1. Be authentic. Being authentic is about being real. Owning up to who you are and what you stand for as a business. What business practices do you follow? Which ones will you never resort to? Tell your customers who you really are. Don’t be afraid to give your business a full persona.
  1. Be transparent. Don’t hide stuff. We trust people who come forth with the truth even under difficult circumstances. Think of a waiter returning a wallet full of money. Transparent acts where the business discloses more information than it needs to is the foundation of building trust.
  1. Be consistent. It’s amazing how just showing up on time at the same time every day establishes you as a trustworthy person! In business, establish some ground principles and adhere to them always. people will come to expect a certain standard, a certain way of doing things every time with you. Familiarity breeds trust.

So there you have it. Three steps to getting more people to buy from you:

  • Help them Know you
  • Let them Like you, and
  • Earn their Trust

What do you think? Can you easily and consciously start implementing these 3 steps into your business right away? I’d love to hear what you thought of these 3 content marketing steps to get more customers.

Next week’s topic is going to be all about building your blog versus building a Facebook page. Stay tuned. Salma Jafri signing out. See you next time!




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