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Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook the Right Way!

Facebook values video posts over any other kinds of posts, there’s no doubt about that. But how do you get people to watch a video and then head over to your YouTube channel also? An easy and free way to do this is to create custom promos, also called Sneak Peek videos.

This is the exact same method used by movie studios and TV networks, except in our case, we’ll make promos using 2 free software tools 🙂 Have promo, will promote! Haha, cheesy but true.

Watch below to see how to make custom promo videos to promote your YouTube videos.

Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook Using Custom Promos

Ideally, you want to make a video status update on Facebook. You could upload your entire video to Facebook, but then why would anyone head to your YouTube channel to watch anything? So to circumvent this problem, you need to make custom promos 30-60 seconds teaser videos that promote your actual full video.

I promise you not only is it easy, but free also. In this video I’ll show you how to use 2 software tools to create custom promo videos. But first…

Why Make a Promo Video?

  1. Promo videos add a sneak peek and build curiosity. It’s an easy way of showing a sample of the wares without giving it all away. It’s great for building up hype around your video and getting folks curious.
  2. Promo videos allow people to self-select what they want to watch. Only those people interested in the subject of your promo video will click to watch the full video on YouTUbe. Thus you get a highly audience that has chosen to watch you.
  3. Promo videos increase engagement and watch time. This is because those people who are interested are watching and so they are likely to watch more and are also likely to engage via likes, comments and shares.

How to Make Promo Videos (fast, free & easy)

Method 1: Use Tube2Gram

You don’t need to download any fancy software or apps or plugin to use this tool. Just to the URL tube2gram.com and input your video URL. Then use the orange sliders or timestamps to “slice” a chunk of video to be used as a promo. The beauty of this site is that you can use it on desktop, mobile, iOS and Android.

When you promote this on your Facebook Page or Profile or Group, you should upload as a video post with context and then add in the full link of your YouTube video for people to watch.

Method 2: Use Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows you to make custom videos with text, images, photos, videos, music and transitions. Your promos look and sound great! You can edit each slide, import video clips, overlay text on images and put the whole promo together in minutes.

To promote this video on Facebook, just upload as a video post and link it to your full YouTube video.

You can use these tools to create promo videos for Instagram and Twitter as well using the exact same method.


Tell me if you’ll use promo videos to post smart on Facebook? I’d love to hear from you. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more video marketing tips every Tuesday.




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