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How to Promote your Videos in Facebook Groups

The last video I made about marketing inside Facebook Groups was such a hit, and so many of you wrote in and commented on wanting more such videos, so today I have a new one about Facebook Groups.

In this video I’ll show you 4 ways to promote your YouTube videos inside Facebook Groups. And because you know me by now, you know all my methods are non-spammy, right? 🙂

Let’s get started!

How to Promote your YouTube Videos Inside Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are all about community. And in the last video, I talked about 6 ways to promote your products inside them. But did you know you could also promote your YouTube videos inside Facebook Groups without necessarily dropping spammy links all over the place?

First up, make sure you’re in the right FB Groups – ones that make sense for your business and where your audience is likely to be hanging out.

Second, make sure to always spend some time inside a new group listening to people before opening your big mouth. No one links a hit & run (or a link dropper in other words).

Now let’s get to the 4 tips!

1. Answer questions with video answers

Instead of answering questions with text, why not answer them with a video you have on the topic? But don’t just drop your video link in the comments, add some context to why this video will help the person asking the question. No one likes clicking on suspicious links so do what you can to give information on what the video inside that link will be about. Don’t leave people guessing. And don’t link to some video which only talks about their problem for 0:02 secs in a 10 min video – that’s just bad manners!

2. Share video wins

Share insights and advice you’ve gleaned with your video marketing. As you make more videos, you’ll be learning tons about what works, how to rank them, how make great videos, how to edit videos, etc etc. Share that knowledge freely and watch the likes and comments come in. But more importantly you’ll find that people are generally curious as to how you got those results and that will start an avalanche of engagement. This is great because it will allow you to dive deeper inside the subject and answer questions and queries and attract people who want to hear more of your tips.

3. Post a sneak peek video (exclusive)

People love exclusivity! If you have made a video, say on a new trend or a just released product, why not first share it as an exclusive video inside a Facebook Group before you release it publicly? You can do this by making the video Unlisted (instead of Public). That way, your die hard tribe will get to see it and comment on it first, and when you release it publicly it’ll already have a ton of engagement on it.

4. Share a short tip from a longer video

This is a great tip that works across social channels. Lets say you have a 10 minute video. Share an edited 30 second interesting clip from it and post it up in the Group, with a link to watch the full video on YouTube. This is a great strategy to use, if allowed inside the Group to drive traffic back to your videos on YouTube.

Bonus tip: For those who are keen on stats and want to see how many folks are coming in from their FB posts, make a trackable link to your videos using bit.ly so you can see how many viewers are coming in from your promotional efforts across Facebook Groups.

Your Turn

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