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Create YouTube Playlists so Viewers can Easily SeeVideos

Playlists are like your closet. Yes I said that – please bear with the analogy! Just the same way in which you would organize your closet so your clothes are easier to find when you’re in a rush at 8am that Monday morning, similarly you should think about your viewers being able to find your YouTube videos easily.

Fortunately playlists do the job for you! YouTube playlists are excellent for adding structure and branding to your videos so your audience can easily find and watch more of your videos. And who doesn’t want more videos watched?

Right, that’s what I thought 😉

In this video I’ll show you how to create playlists to create a consistent brand identity.

Let’s get started!

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If Playlists are to visual branding what chapters are to a book…well then, they’re pretty necessary.

3 Reasons why Playlists Rock

1. Playlists = Structure/organization

Playlists give your videos the necessary structure they need. Oh you want to watch all my interviews with influencers…step right this way. Or maybe you want to see how to use promotion strategies, of course they are right here in this video. Playlists help group related topics so your viewers can easily find what they’re looking for.

2. Playlists = Visual Branding

You know how when you step into, let’s say, an Apple store anywhere in the world, and it feels the same no matter where in the world you are. The same black and white interior, the same minimalistic design. or maybe you step into a McDonalds anywhere in the world, and it’s the same golden arches, the same Roland McDonald on the bench, the same red and yellow colors. That’s visual branding. When people see your YouTube channel, treat them to that same visual branding that screams “YOU” by having playlists with the same design elements over and over and over again.

3. Playlists = Navigation

Have you ever felt, like ohmygosh, this video ended, what do I need to see next? Where’s part 2? Where’s more info about this topic? That’s right playlists help create the navigational links that tell your audience what to watch next based on what they’ve just watched so they can follow your content in a more logical format.

How to Create Playlists

> Navigate to your YouTube Home Page

> Click Playlists

> Create New Playlist

> Add in a Title and Description

> Click Add Videos

> Find “Your YouTube videos”

> Select Videos you want to add

> Fiddle with Playlists Settings (Pro Tip: Adding to Official Playlist increases likelihood of video being the next recommended video to watch)

> Go back to Home and click Add Section

> Choose how Playlists are displayed

And you’re done!


Was this tutorial useful for you? You tell me. Gimme a big ol’ thumbs UP and write in the comments below.

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