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Is Content Marketing some new fad? And can solopreneurs use it?

Today, we go back to basics.

Before you jump on the content bandwagon, it’s important to know that CM is not just another fad.

It’s not just the newest, coolest form of marketing (although I do think it’s pretty cool).

It’s a very sustainable, results-oriented, focused form of ethical marketing that can majorly impact your business.

It’s over a 100 years old (no, shit).

It’s proven to work.

It’s used by big and small companies the world over.

So let’s just bust some myths about what content marketing IS and ISN’T. And can you, as a solopreneur, use it effectively?

Answers in the video below!

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. I want you to tell me in the comments below if you think content marketing is right for your brand and why.


Question from Karen:

Dear Salma,
What is content marketing ? I am a solopreneur and would like to know more about it.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your question!

Content marketing sounds new but it REALLY isn’t.

If you take a look at Google search trends, you’ll note that the term “content marketing” only started taking off around 2011-2012. So this may lead you to think that it’s a new technique developed in just the last few years.

But it really isnt’!

Companies have been using content to drive business for more than a hundred years.

I want to give you the example of one of my favourite stories of a brand that successfully used content marketing in 1900 and is still going strong today.

That brand is Michelin. The same company that produces Michelin Tyres is also responsible for the restaurant industry’s premier ratings guide, The Michelin Guide and it’s awards system, the Michelin Star.

(You’ll have to watch the video to see the full Michelin story!)

What is Content Marketing (definition)?:

Every day people look for content to solve their problems, make them better informed and entertain them. Content marketing fills that need.

Content marketing is when a company creates valuable content that attracts an audience. The primary purpose of content marketing is to build trust with your customers so that when they are ready to buy, they will instinctively choose you.

(Note: Watch my video on how to build trust with your audience!)

How is CM Different from Traditional Advertising?

Ads are push marketing. They interrupt.
CM is pull marketing. It focuses on attracting an audience.

Why should you consider content marketing?
– A lot of BIG companies do it (Coca Cola, LinkedIn, Dell, etc)
– Scalable
– Perfectly suited to solopreneurs, startups and small businesses

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing offers the following benefits:
– Low budget; costs virtually nothing to get started. At the most you want to start with a place to publish your content, like a blog.
(Note: view my video on how to create a blog in 20 minutes and less than $100 for the whole year!)
– Low barriers to entry (anyone can start!)
– Generate awareness
– Build Traffic
– Get Customers
– Build Trust
– Community Engagement
– Strong Values and Beliefs
– Great communication

What does “content” mean?

Companies create valuable content in many different formats (such as articles, blogs, videos, books, ebooks, presentations, magazines, social media updates, infographics, memes, etc) and on many different platforms (Facebook, youtube, websites, microsites, print, email newsletters, tumblr, slideshare, etc).

When Does Content Marketing Fail?

– when it’s not consistent
– when you expect immediate results from it; get dishearten and give up too soon
– when you produce content that’s only promotional and not valuable

When Does Content Marketing Succeed?

When you add value to the world. When looks at your content and says “Ah, this is just what I needed right now.”

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