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The YouTube

Entrepreneurs' Society (YES)

The YouTube Entrepreneurs Society (YES) is where YouTube meets entrepreneurship.

YES is your membership hub for strategies, insights, support and exclusive trainings tailored for YouTube-savvy entrepreneurs.

Join YES if you want to focus on leveraging YouTube for your business. 

Hi, I'm Salma.

For years, I was trying to do YouTube by myself with no guidance and no support. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right and was constantly feeling confused and uncertain.

As a result I self-sabotaged, lost momentum and quit YouTube ... twice!

If you've ever felt like quitting or you're having trouble starting or you just can't seem to stay consistent, you're not alone!

You've heard that YouTube is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Running a YouTube channel requires long-term vision, long-term support and long-term tactics.

There may be numerous times when you might feel like giving up or feel like you're alone.

That’s why having a long term plan and long term support is absolutely crucial for success on this platform!

Hear from YES members on the value they get

You (Salma) always come up with new ideas and new topics on what to practice on. Because I've been in his business for 13 years but always having feedback - that is very valuable!

Katrine Gjaerum ‧ Video Production

For me, because I'm such a procrastinator, having these weekly calls where we do it, is what helps me keep going. Every month we have a training that we can implement so I feel that I can keep making videos or (else) I'll just keep putting it on my plate and never get it done really.

Charlene Tessier ‧ Crypto Tax Advisor

Don't do YouTube alone!

What you need to create a healthy growing YouTube channel

that powers your business:

Targeted Strategies

There's so much to learn about becoming a YouTube entrepreneur, that it's hard to know what to do next. You need relevant, bite-sized strategies that you can implement quickly and get results from.

Custom Advice

Generic YouTube advice is free and well, generic. It's hard to take action if the advice is not tailored to your unique situation. You need custom advice that factors in your niche, your personality and your audience.

Community Support

The biggest motivator for YouTube success is when you have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs cheering you on, offering support and celebrating your success. It's probably also the fastest way to learn & grow.

Introducing YES

The YouTube Entrepreneurs' Society (YES) focuses on:

Custom advice that helps you get unstuck

Easy actions that move you forward

Accountability & support to keep you on track

YES is a membership program for YouTube Entrepreneurs.

In YES we welcome professionals who wants to use YouTube for business and education.

Whether you’re a creator, entrepreneur, teacher, trainer, author, speaker, consultant or any other kind of professional, YES will help you leverage the power of YouTube to get seen, be a recognised authority in your space and create offers and programs for your audience.

YES is founded on my core principles of VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY and PROFITABILITY from YouTube.

When you join YES, here's everything you'll get:


Instant access to ALL of my courses and mini-trainings so you can get started with what you need right away! This includes my course YouTube Launchpad, Brand Deals, Content Strategy and more.


Invitation to join my monthly interactive group coaching calls on Zoom where we’ll get your questions answered and help you navigate the next step in your journey.


Member Hot Seats where you’re the focus and everyone in YES (including me) will be helping you push past your current challenge and get unstuck so you get clarity and build momentum.


Monthly targeted trainings on specific topics that will help you learn a new skill and take immediate action. These trainings will be on actionable topics such as scriptwriting, live streaming, writing titles, etc and are designed for you to implement and get quick results.


A dedicated community just for YES members where you can share, discuss, get support, feel inspired by and meet your fellow members and YouTube entrepreneurs.


A single login to access everything - the YES membership, my courses and programs and the community forums - everything in one place (not a facebook group).

In addition to all of the above, you'll also have automatic access to all my future trainings, courses and programs - they will be available to purchase individually but YES members get them as part of their subscription. That will be a huge cost saving going forward!!

Community support + exclusive trainings + custom advice + single login + ALL my courses, oh my!

It's beginning to sound really good, isn't it? Wait till you see the next part :)

What Makes YES Different?

There are plenty of YouTube community programs and memberships for “YouTubers” - people who’s entire job is to create videos.

But as YouTube Entrepreneurs, our purpose at YES is more nuanced. Sure, we want to make videos and grow our channel, but we also want to use YouTube to grow our online business.

Whether you have an existing business or you want to start one, YES is for you!

The core reason for YES is to show you how to do both: grow your channel AND your business.

Inside YES, focusing on creating income streams is just as important as getting more views on your videos.

And that’s what makes it different from every other YouTube membership program.

But don't take my word for it! 

See what YES members are saying about the experience

Amazing Hot Seat session!

Yulia Yaganova ‧ Facebook Ads Specialist

I feel like I've done something important for myself

Alejandro Rivera ‧ Activation Energy

$1000 from 1 video!

Charlene Tessier ‧ Crypto Tax advisor

No-Brainer Pricing Option

If you were to purchase what’s included inside YES separately, it would look something like this:

  • YouTube Launchpad (my flagship course) - $444
  • 1 Strategy Session with me - $333
  • Channel Audit - $333
  • Brand Deals Course - $99
  • Content Strategy Course - $99
  • Scriptwriting with AI Masterclass - $99
  • Go Live on YouTube - $99
  • Craft Click-Worthy YouTube Titles using AI- $44
  • Best Year Ever on YouTube - $44 
  • Total Cost: $1594

But you can get YES for 

just *$99/month or *$1111/year 


Monthly Plan

Annual Plan 

(most popular)



*All prices are in USD and exclusive of any taxes that might apply to you

Customers served! JOIN 0 + Awesome YouTube-savvy entrepreneurs & creators inside YES!

Sharron Miles ‧ Hairstylist, Salon Owner


Who should join YES?

If you’re interested in a YouTube channel that positions you as an expert while you educate, inform and help your audience, then YES is for you.

Who shouldn’t join YES?

If you’re mainly interested in creating entertainment content for views, then YES isn’t for you.

How long will I have access to YES?

You’ll have access as long as your subscription is active and paid.

I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel; is YES right for me?

Yes, YES will help you get started with a YouTube channel and build strong foundations for your content.

I already have a YouTube channel; is YES for me?

Yes, if you have a channel already and need to grow it, stay consistent and motivated with it and also earn a full-time income from it, then YES is for you.

I don’t have a business yet; should I still join?

Absolutely. YES will help you start a business and create offers from your YouTube channel.

If I’ve already purchased YouTube Launchpad or YouTube Intensive, what will YES do for me?

If you’ve already got LaunchPad and/or Intensive then YES will serve to build momentum & consistency while getting the support you need.

Do you offer 1:1 support inside YES?

YES is strictly within a group environment. There is no 1:1 coaching inside. You will receive custom advice and help from me within the group.

Is all of the content inside YES available immediately or is it drip-fed?

It’s all available immediately as soon as you get in.

What if I want to cancel my subscription to YES at any point?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you like. If you cancel a monthly subscription you’ll lose access at the end of your monthly billing period, and if you cancel an annual subscription you’ll lose access at the end of the annual period. There are no refunds for any time remaining on your subscription.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

YES you can!

Some of Our Past Trainings (that you'll have instant access to)...

YES contains some very specific targeted trainings mapped out to help you immediately level up your YouTube channel and brand visibility:

Craft Click-worthy Titles with AI

Use my custom AI prompts to generate clickable YouTube titles, every single time!  

Scriptwriting with AI

In this powerful and practical workshop, you'll learn how to to harness AI using my custom script writing formulas to turn out a conversational script that keeps people watching.

5 Day Livestream Challenge

Join my 5-day Livestream Challenge and put yourself out there. Going live on YouTube is one of the fastest ways to build an audience and showcase your expertise - you'll get all my scriptys, designs and tech training to go live within 5 days

There are new monthly trainings happening every month that will help you level up quickly and get results

Ok, I've read everything and am ready to join!