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Why NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO Use YouTube as a launch pad for your online business

This is quite literally the BEST time to launch an online business that's connected to your YouTube channel. Whether you are just about to start a channel or have one already, this webinar will walk you through a 3 step process to build an online business on the back of your YouTube channel

Views are increasing exponentially in March 2020

Course sales in March 2020

Salma Jafri

YouTube Certified Coach

Webinar Date & Time:

Monday 20th April / 10:00 AM EST

‚ÄčAbout the Host:

Salma Jafri is a YouTube Certified video marketing coach, consultant and speaker. She hosts the show "Be The Media" on her YouTube channel that helps entrepreneurs use the power of video to grow their personal brands. She speaks on international stages around the world on YouTube Marketing and Branding.  

On this webinar, I'll show you how to:

Exponentially grow your channel in uncertain times

Ironically, this is the best time to launch and scale your YouTube channel. That's because everyone is online, learning and doing.

More than ever before, people want to consume content that will help to educate, inspire or inform them.

That's why, this is the best time for content creators to triple down on content creation and meet rising demand.

I'll show you how to create content that caters to this demand so you establish your relevance in uncertain times

DO YOU WANT TO EXponentially increase views?

 Grow your email list with targeted and relevant leads 

The best advice I ever got from my business coach was to give in public and ask in private.

Your YouTube channel is a place to give freely, but your email list is a place to connect and make offers.

More sales are made via email than any other channel because people make purchase decisions in private.

And if you're thinking no one's buying right now, then I'll show you how to position your business in a way that meets current demand

Do you want to build an email list of people interested in your offer?

Connect your channel with an online course 

When it comes to selling, I learned a valuable lesson: instead of selling what you've made, connect what you do to a result someone wants to achieve.

Because when you do that, you don't have to sell your offer. Instead people see your offer as the next logical step in the result they want to achieve.

In the webinar, I'll show you the automated process I use to generate sales while I literally sleep. It's not a myth and it actually works! (Yeah I didn't believe it either until I figured it out)

Do you want to GROW YOUR business automagically and MAKE $$$?

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