May 30


How to Make your Videos Visually Appealing (with Nick Nimmin)

One of the best ways to build a brand that stands out from the crowd is to look and sound different from everyone else. But what are some proven ways that will make your brand stand out in a good way?

In today’s show I have a very special guest – Nick Nimmin – who’s going to show you how to build a visual brand on YouTube (pssst, you can apply his “visual authority* techniques to any video channel.)

Nick has over 34,000 subscribers currently on his channel and is a prolific video creator, graphic designer and all-round charismatic business personality. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy his ball-of-energy video!!!

Hey Entrepreneurs, my name is Salma Jafri and I’m a video content strategist, helping you grow your personal brand with video. Please subscribe to the channel and turn on bell notifications so you’re the first to know when I upload new videos.

In this video, Nick talked about the following topics:

Why Do You Need to Make your Channel Visually Appealing?

What is “Visual Authority” and why is it crucial to your brand?

How to Use”PRO” Channel Art

Customize Your Channel Layout

Brand Your Entire Channel

Your Turn

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