Download the Video Content Planner

Yay, you're in! Here's the template for my new and updated VIDEO CONTENT PLANNER (VCP)

There are 2 ways to get the Video Content Planner:


Click this Evernote link and then click "Save Copy to Evernote"

The Planner is best used inside the Evernote app (which you can get for free on up to 2 devices on Windows or Mac). If you use it inside your browser, part of the table might get cut off. That's why it's best to use it in the Evernote app.


If you'd prefer the VCP in a Word format, then you can download the WORD DOC HEREYou can use and re-use the template multiple times for all your videos.

Enjoy your video planning!

p.s. If you enjoy the Video Content Planner, please email me at and I'll share your feedback as a testimonial!

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