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Build a Community with Facebook Groups

If you want regular customers and one-time sales, then go build a business. But if you want loyal fans and followers who buy everything you create, then go build a community! A community is a place that encourages a deep integration of values, connections, advice and support. I have personally found that if I like [...]

How to Promote your Videos in Facebook Groups

The last video I made about marketing inside Facebook Groups was such a hit, and so many of you wrote in and commented on wanting more such videos, so today I have a new one about Facebook Groups. In this video I'll show you 4 ways to promote your YouTube videos inside Facebook Groups. And [...]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Market your Biz

Facebook Pages are fast becoming a pay-to-play model. If you want people to see your posts, you have to start running ads to them. Otherwise even people who’ve liked your posts won’t always see all your posts. Further, Facebook, in an algorithm update announced that it will prioritise posts from family and friends over posts [...]