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Build a Community with Facebook Groups

If you want regular customers and one-time sales, then go build a business. But if you want loyal fans and followers who buy everything you create, then go build a community! A community is a place that encourages a deep integration of values, connections, advice and support. I have personally found that if I like [...]

Build a Brand on YouTube

Youtube is considered a great place to show off your talents, but did you also know that YouTube is a great place to build your brand? It's true! And Brian G. Johnson - my guest on the show today literally wrote the book on how to get the max from YouTube to build a powerful [...]

Video Production Steps: How to Plan & Market Videos

The Importance of Having a Production Schedule Failure to plan is planning to fail, right? You know you’re never going to knock out those videos if you don’t plan and prioritise them and stick them in your calendar. In this video, I want to show you what my production schedule looks like (both in the [...]