Write Conversational

YouTube Video Scripts with AI

with Salma Jafri 

We haven't been taught how to

write conversationally for YouTube!

Let's change that & use AI to make it seamless.

A great script is your secret to getting more engagement, more watch hours and higher retention on YouTube. 

But we typically don't write for video - we write for reading.

In this Scriptwriting Masterclass, I want to show you how to write a conversational script that engages your readers, compels them to comment, and binge-watch your videos.

Please join me and a special guest who will be sharing how to write conversational YouTube scripts using my Video Retention Timeline (VRT) combined with AI Prompts for faster, consistent results! 

What you’ll get in this 1.5 hour session:

The 3 components every video script needs according to my Video Retention Timeline (VRT)

Inject these 3 triggers into every script you write: the curiosity trigger, the engagement trigger and the bingeability trigger to massively increase your retention & engagement

The Perfect AI Prompts that combine my scriptwriting framework with a model that you can replicate to save time and get great results!

Join us for my Scriptwriting with AI Masterclass!