Fall in Love with Yourself 


Tired of hating yourself on video? Feel drained at the thought of creating videos? Let me show you how to easily create videos that build connection, trust & joy with your core audience!

Challenge Starts Feb 15th 2021

In 5 days, I'll take you from feeling nervous, anxious and uncertain on video, to feeling confident, joyous and having fun!

This will help your CORE AUDIENCE find you, connect with you & trust you on video

Here's what we'll cover in our 5 day challenge


You'll learn how to find a niche you're truly passionate about. One that fires you up, and you can talk about while exuding energy. But that's just one part of the equation. The other part of this is to find a niche that your audience will be attracted by as well. I'll show you how to find this dual purpose niche.


On our second day together, we'll hone in on your messaging. After all, you can't attract your tribe, if you're not using their language, right? I'll show you some simple ways to know how to speak with conviction using language that's super attractive to your audience.


Day 03 will be all about overcoming imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy online. I'll show you how to share what you do in a way that feels authentic to you and feels very relatable to your audience.


This day you will own your imperfections! People connect with imperfect people. We do business with imperfect people, and we relate to imperfect people. So we'll practice how to share our imperfect selves with the world!


Everything will come full circle as I show you how to build your personal brand in a way that you'll never again wonder "how do people see me", or "what will people think"? Never again! From here on you'll own your brand, your messaging, your voice. Everything will be 100% YOU.

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