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The ONLY foundational and comprehensive YouTube course for Personal Brands

 YouTube Launch Pad is for you if

you are committed to using YouTube to position yourself as a credible expert with value to share

70% of YouTube users watch a video to learn how to do something new

People want to learn what you know. All you have to do is show up and share!

Using YouTube is an effective way to grow your business and brand organically - without spending anything on ads! You already know that being on YouTube will give your brand massive credibility and sales.


If you're going to treat YouTube like a dumping ground for content then it won't work for you. You've got to use it strategically to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field. HOW?

By utilising YouTube's TRIPLE-X Power!

youtube is a triple-x threat

YouTube is a search engine, a content platform and a social network. It's unlike any other platform that exists today, which makes it a supernova for your brand. You can:

  1. 1
    Use YouTube as a search engine to get your brand discovered in the sea of content and rank your videos at the top of search results, literally in minutes! 
  2. 2
    Use YouTube to organise your evergreen and searchable content library so that your viewers can discover you whenever they want and start following you 
  3. 3
    Use YouTube to connect with your audience in deeper meaningful ways, both on and off the platform as YouTube encourages you to do so

I'll show you how to use YouTube's power to grow a meaningful following, a powerful brand and an evergreen system using my 3-step process.

VISIBILITY: First, I'll show you how to get found on the platform using my Sweet Spot Strategy, guaranteed to propel you to the top of rankings.

CREDIBILITY: Next, I'll show you how to develop your on-camera presence so that you keep viewers engaged and attentive throughout your videos.

PROFITABILITY: And finally, I'll show you how to take the goodwill you've built and convert it into a system that regularly generates leads and sales for you - all done organically without any ad spend.

YouTube works. Now all you need are the practical step-by-step instructions of how to create videos that your target audience is desperate for!


What's Inside this Course?

Practical Videos with Step-by-Step Processes

Each module consists of screen shared videos showing EXACTLY how to implement each task. Rewind and watch as many times as you need to.

Free 30-Day TubeBuddy Legend License

TubeBuddy is the premiere tool to grow your YouTube channel and you get the highest license - Legend - absolutely free for 30 days from the date you sign up for TubeBuddy (different from your course start date).

Downloadable Worksheets and Templates

To make it even easier to implement, you can download the checklists, and templates at the end of each module to follow along.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Share your wins, ask for support and grow your channel and business along with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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YouTube Launch Pad is battle-tested

by real entrepreneurs

"Her course was a driving factor for us to move forward and just do it" // KENNY LOY

Each video does get easier

I was able to knock one video out the first week of August in about 8 hours. That felt pretty good. On Monday, for the first time, I batch recorded two videos. I published one late Tuesday, and it feels really great to know I already have next week’s video recorded. Each video does get easier.

And, surprisingly, during the last 30 days I picked up 23 new subscribers to my email list. I have no clue what triggered the sudden increase in subscribers but I feel encouraged and determined to keep at this video business!

Thank you Salma Jafri for showing the way!


It gave me the tools I needed to get noticed


Get instant access to YOUTUBE LAUNCH PAD now!

Launch your channel today and start building your brand

What's Inside YouTube Launch Pad?

Module 01 contains everything you need to know to make a great first impression with your YouTube channel. It'll show you how to "brand" your channel so that what you do is instantly understood by your audience. It'll also show you how to set up the back-end of your channel the right way to avoid any strikes by YouTube and to look professional.

Module 02 is about creating your 12-month video content plan so that you are never at a loss of what videos to create next. You'll learn how to brainstorm content ideas and how to do keyword research using my Sweet Spot Strategy so that your videos rank at the top spot immediately after publishing.

Module 03 focuses on keeping your audience engaged while watching your videos. You'll learn how to keep your viewers interested by crafting a compelling script with very specific parts especially designed for a fickle YouTube audience. This module also shows you how to strategically lead your viewers on a logical path to becoming your email subscribers.

Module 04 teaches you the fundamentals of looking and sounding great on camera! We'll cover everything from framing your shot, to delivering your message to editing your videos! This module is not restricted to any one type of gear or equipment and teaches you how to start with whatever equipment you currently have. A detailed gear guide is included for options to level up.

Module 05 is where you'll learn how to upload your videos for maximum exposure on YouTube! You'll also learn how to promote & distribute your videos using my Upcycling Strategy. This technique helps you build out other social media networks and also allows those other networks to send traffic back to your YouTube channel, creating an efficient loop that makes your brand appear everywhere, all at once!

Module 06 covers the YouTube analytics dashboard, how to read it and how to glean insights from it. It'll show you which metrics to focus on and why, without getting overwhelmed by the mountains of data YouTube sends your way. You'll be able to use this section to make informed decisions about your channel's performance and any adjustments necessary as you go along.


I've used my YouTube videos to go from being a nobody to someone who gets invited to speak at premiere video marketing stages around the world, works with amazing brands and makes a full time income from her channel.

It's possible.

All you have to do is TRUST THE PROCESS I've laid out in detail for you inside this course.


Don't take my word for it though! check out what my clients are saying about the course and its value

Module 4 is pure gold

BRUNO WINCK  //  Founder of Learning App, KNEAVER

Thousand times more useful than I ever imagined


Shaved hours off the steep learning curve


made more headway in week one than in past 12 months

Miquette dobros  //  sales coach

opened up years of consternation around my branding

I gotta tell you. Getting my tagline right has opened up years of consternation and allowed me to see very clearly how this all needs to come together. I think the key for me is the way you organise your thinking around branding. You put first things first. That first step was a big one for me. In my practice working with people I do two very distinct things but I could never determine how they came together from a messaging standpoint. That tag line did it! Thanks again.


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The Best Time to Start making videos was 10 years ago. the next best time is now!

Why Industry Leaders are Turning to Salma for help


Salma is a total pro when it comes to video marketing! I hired Salma as a consultant in my Intensive program and she seamlessly supported and guided clients to understanding the process of researching, creating and scaling video content to grow their business and brand. Salma is a star!


Salma is a powerhouse of a woman! Her workshops, videos, and even regular conversations are no fluff, and all value. She is the first name to come to mind when you think of anything even remotely related to video content marketing. Always ahead of the curve, Salma is a brilliant speaker, marketer and a powerful source of inspiration.I have known Salma for a few years now - from the first workshop we hosted her for, to her recent talk and workshop at our conference, the National Digital Design Conference, Salma has been a pleasure to work with!


When we were looking for an innovative and strap booth idea to market our new company thru LinkedIn users I reached out to Salma who is known for her video marketing and video content strategy. Salma recommended to capitalise on the newly launched B2B video capabilities in the LinkedIn platform and suggest Shail Niazi and myself to do a 30-day one minute daily video campaign. Salma and her team were tremendous in articulating the strategy, developing the video content, filming, editing and production. It was an end-2-end assignment. We launched on May 9 with a promo video that broke all records - 35000 views till date. We are now two weeks into our campaign and the views and social engagements keep on coming. If you want to use someone for video marketing, look no further Salma and her team are your answer!

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