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Channel Audit

Need a pair of expert eyes on your YouTube channel? I got you covered!

What's a Channel Audit?

A YouTube channel audit is a thorough and detailed analysis of your channel for the purpose of identifying any problems areas as well as any opportunities for growth that you can tap into.

How Can a Channel Audit Help You?

Channel audits can provide a clear expert perspective of what's going on with  your channel currently and how you can grow and scale it 

Provide Clarity & Perspective

Channel audits provide a neutral, third-party perspective on your channel carried out by a professional. We are often biased looking at our own content, so this perspective really helps.

"Now" Snapshot of your Channel

A Channel Audit shows you exactly how your channel is performing right now (example, who your typical audience is, what topics or styles typically perform well for you, etc)

Opportunities for Growth

A Channel Audit identifies opportunities for growth that you can implement right away (such as what search terms to target, what videos to make next, how to get more views, etc)

Why Choose Me for your Channel Audit?

I’ve been doing channel audits that are extremely detailed and actionable. My channel audits help you get clarity and focus so you can move forward confidently.

If you’re stuck or not growing or simply need some advice going forward, then my channel audit will be extremely helpful.

I'd love to help!


Here's What You'll Get in Your Channel Audit

Step 1

You'll give me "View-Only Access" to your YouTube channel so I can pull your back-end channel analytics from YouTube. This way I'll be able to see ALL your YouTube stats without having to sign into your channel (or you sharing any passwords with me). I'll send you exact instructions on how to give "View Access".

Step 2

I'll make a 1-hour video recording while analyzing your entire YouTube channel. This analysis will include commentary and feedback on your branding, thumbnails, titles, content, SEO, audience, watch time and delivery/style

Step 3

I'll create an Action Plan for you based on my analysis of your channel. This is a 5-Step Action Plan giving you tips for improvement in the following areas:

1. Visual Brand Identity

2. Audience-Content Match

3. Video SEO Retention & Engagement

4. On-Camera Delivery & Style

5. Traffic Sources 

Step 4

I'll provide you with the following deliverables:

1. A link to your detailed channel stats (including graphs, tables, and charts)

2. The recording of my expert analysis (that you can watch as many times as you want to)

3. Your 5-Step Action Plan (so you have an easy reference list of thing to implement right after)

Who's Eligible for this Channel Audit?

In order to do this channel audit, I need to have access to your back-end analytics. For this you need to have TubeBuddy installed on your channel (even if its the free plan) and you must have at least 20 public videos on your channel, so I have enough data to work with.

If you meet these requirements and would like a channel audit, please click the button below to Request an Audit

What People Are Saying


When will I receive my Channel Audit?

Typically Channel Audits can take up to 10 working days to complete and upload. They can, however, be ready before this as well. You'll receive an email with all the deliverables once your Audit is ready.

Can I be on a live call with Salma during the audit?

No, the channel audit does not include any live calls. However you can email me (Salma)  with any questions you might like answered once before and once after the Audit is complete. I'll make sure I address your concerns in the Audit. Also, you can book a separate session with me after the audit if you'd like a consultation call.

Will the Audit contain actionable items for me to implement?

Yes, the Audit is highly actionable and you'll receive a clear 5-step plan to execute with the Audit. I'm available for any follow up questions via email to help you implement the Action Plan.

Is the Channel Audit a one time investment?

Yes, the Channel Audit is a one-time investment. There are no recurring fees associated with this product.