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BRAND DEALS: How to Make Money by Creating Sponsored Videos for Brands

What you’ll learn in this 2-hour mini-course:

The MYTHS Surrounding Working With Brands

Most people think they need a large channel, thousands of views and subscribers to be able to land lucrative brand deals. That's just not true. In this live training, I'll show you what you actually need to work with brands and how to earn anywhere from $200-$2000 per video.

How To Position Yourself As An Expert So Brands Will Want To Work With You

I'll show you the EXACT type of videos to create that brands absolutely LOVE to see. In fact, I'll give you my exact template for creating your first 10 authority videos.

How to Identify Brands that Would be a Great Fit to Work With

I'll show you my step-by-step system for finding & connecting with brands who would be a great fit for you to work with, and also those who have guaranteed money to spend on sponsored videos and influencer marketing. I'll also share with you my Media Kit template that contains all my channel info for brands to see.

How to Create Sponsored Videos for Brands

I'll share my templates for how I plan and produce Brand sponsored videos that the brand loves and my audience takes action on. I'll also show you the strategy for earning more money on the side from every sponsored video.

Who should join the Brand Deals course?

Beginner Video Creators

If you're just thinking about starting a YouTube channel, this training will show you how to create your first 10 videos in a way that will naturally attract brands to want to work with you.

Existing YouTube Channels

If you already have a YouTube channel and have created some videos, but never done Brand Sponsored videos before, this training is PERFECT for you. It'll show you how to leverage your content right away and immediately start working with brands.

Busy professionals

If you've done some sponsored videos in the past but you're not earning the kind of money you'd like, this training will show you how to price and position your videos so that brands see you as a professional.

My most valuable takeaway from the Brand Deals Workshop was mostly the belief that it IS possible! For a long while I have thought that this is too difficult. Too hard to achieve. But Salma gave me the resources and tips I needed to dare to go ahead with it. I joined the Brand Deals workshop to learn how I can make useful brand deals, and ACTUALLY make deals. I would recommend this workshop to my customers.


By the end of this mini-course, you'll walk away with:

MY SIMPLE PROCESS TO FIND & QUALIFY AMAZING BRANDS to work with who will also pay your asking price and have the marketing budget for sponsorships

MY AUTHORITY VIDEOS FRAMEWORK  that will show you exactly what videos to make that will be highly attractive to brands and will have them clamoring to work with you

MY MONETIZATION GUIDE that will show you how to maximize your revenue from each and every brand you work with

MY NO-PITCH PROCESS to craft the perfect proposal for brands that you are interested to work with (or ones who are interested in working with you)

ACCESS TO MY MEDIA KIT TEMPLATE to present yourself professionally and so that brands can see your value proposition

THE EXACT CONTRACT I USE to keep myself safe while working with brands. You'll get a copy of my Contracts template.

LONG-TERM STRATEGIES to work with brands as their Brand Ambassador or to sign long term retainer contracts with brands.

Salma was very clear about structure and a plan. It wasn't just 'here's what to do'. She answered exactly HOW we could go about creating new relationships, doing the right research and applying her approach. I wanted to take this workshop to make decisions that help me better monetize the video content I create. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is working to leverage a small to medium size brand with video, where you are wanting to be seen as trusted advisor who can create a profitable bridge between brands and your audience.


My "aha" was the clear understanding that although I am just starting my channel, that it is possible to structure videos in a specific way to attract brands ( regardless of their size). This transformed my thought process with regards to how I approach making videos that will both be useful to my audience , and also be enticing to brands.

If you are looking for a structured approach with regards to how to intentionally create videos that will both benefit your audience , and be attractive to brands , this workshop is for you. Salma not only addresses the theoretical aspects of things to consider, but also breaks down a feasible and practical approach with regards to how you too can make videos which increase your authority , and attractiveness to brands.

There is value in this workshop for both beginners, and established channels. Regardless of the size of your channel , your experience level, or the industry you are in this workshop is great value for money !! 


About the Host

Salma Jafri - YouTube Coach

I've been working with brands since 2009! Even before I had a YouTube channel, I was first hired by a brand (UpWork) to create training videos for them. Since 2017 though, I've been working with brands primarily on my YouTube channel. I got my first brand deal in Nov 2017, after working on my channel for just 11 months with a handful of videos. Since then I've gone on to be a Brand Ambassador and sign long term contracts with brands. 


How will I watch this mini-course?

You will receive a link to watch course videos online.

How long is this course?

The mini-course is 2 hours of content delivered live to an audience, including Q&A. It also includes activities and downloads.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access. Once you purchase it, it's yours forever.

Can I get a refund on this course if I need to?

None of my products have refunds because I deliver all value-no fluff. However if for any reason you need one, you can email and ask. Refunds will be on a case-by-case basis.

Will I get access to the activities and downloads as well?

Absolutely! Once you join the course, you'll receive all of the activities to do and all my templates to download and customize.