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How to Be So Interesting, People will Stop and Listen to You

Everyone wants attention.

You want the attention of your audience.

You want the attention of your kids.

You want the attention of your customers and fans.

You want the attention of your friends and peers.

When most people want attention, they talk more. Shout louder. Scream, beg, and cry for attention.

But, ironically, the key to getting attention is to NOT talk about yourself. Instead you need to turn the tables and show interest in the person who’s attention you’re seeking.

I learned this back when I used to be a freelancer. The clients who showed immediate interest in working with me were those whose businesses I showed interest in. Once they knew I was interested, they almost always wanted to work with me!

So the question then becomes, not how to get someone’s attention, but how to make yourself so interesting that the other person will WANT to listen to you!

Today’s video shows you 2 questions you need to ask to be more interesting and then 2 steps to take to be irresistibly interesting 😉

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Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn. I want you to tell me in the comments below what industry you are in and how you plan to be more interesting using any of the 3 steps from this video.

Video Script

People who struggle to create content often feel that what they have to say just isn’t interesting enough. They think perhaps if they were funnier or smarter, maybe more people would find them interesting.

Now why would someone want to be interesting?

Well interest keeps people coming back to your brand and it keeps them engaged for longer.

So you definitely DO want to be interesting!

Now the question is can you develop content that’ll make you more interesting?

Absolutely!! Even if you are in a boring industry.

And what could be more boring than a shipping company, right?

How a Seemingly “Boring” Shipping Company Got a Million Fans!

When the world’s largest shipping firm, Maersk wanted to be more interesting, they looked inward. They said what do we have that is so unique and different that other people would find it interesting?

And then it came to them – exotic travel! After all their shipping containers and personnel were traveling all over the world VIA SEA! How many of us wonder what a sailor’s life would be like eh? Or what it would be like to sail under the Panama Canal?

Maersk brought it’s social content to life by capturing all the moments and exotic ports that its ships sailed to. And that’s what brings back over a million fans to Maersk’s social sites.

If you want to be more interesting start by asking these two questions:

1. How are you helping people live a better life?
2. What interests do you share with your audience?

3 Steps to Being So Interesting People Will WANT to Listen

Once you’ve figured out your answers to these 2 questions here’s what you need to do to be more interesting:

1. Share Insights

Be informative about your company and industry. People listen if they are looking for that particular information. So bring some new insight to users that they can’t find anywhere else. Chances are that people outside your industry don’t know all the cool things about your industry. And what you might find mundane or routine would be very interesting to them!

Maersk did this by realizing they were sitting on a goldmine of information. You don’t have to be a big company to share insights. You just need to know the workings of your industry and explain it to people who are outside your industry.

2. Be Entertaining

This doesn’t mean you suddenly have to become a performer. It just means that you have to be human. And human beings thrive on emotional connections. If you can connect with someone on an emotional level, you make them feel something. And that connection lingers on much longer than buying a product does.

Maersk entertained via pictures. But you can use a whole host of rich media tools to connect with your audience – blog posts, podcasts, vlogs, cartoons, comic strips etc – go crazy!

3. Have an Opinion

Being honest and authentic allows you to choose sides, express opinions and show some personality. Because the opposite of being honest, is being bland. And that’s not interesting!

Remember if you wanna be interesting you can’t try to please everyone.

So be you. And have an opinion that you’re proud of.

There you have it – my 3-part recipe to be more interesting online: offer insights, entertain and have an opinion.

Now I would love to hear in the comments what industry you are in and how you plan to be more interesting.

Let me know in the comments below!

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