is a 10-week 

group coaching program

to help you 

go from scratch to a professional channel

Start a new YouTube channel with expert guidance 

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When you work with Salma inside


you'll be focused on becoming a YouTube Entrepreneur vs being a YouTuber.

What's the difference, you ask?

Here's a handy diagram I made illustrating the difference:

So, now that you know the difference, which do you choose to be?

If you chose to be a YouTube Entrepreneur, then read on!

Benefits of joining 

YouTube Intensive


Of course you want to attract more views, more quality viewers and grow your subscriber base. This is going to form the foundation of your YouTube channel. Inside YouTube Intensive, you'll learn how to create videos that not only attract your ideal audience, but also keep them coming back for more! 

Get LEADS on auto-pilot!

Once your audience trusts you, they'll want a deeper, more direct connection with you. And that's exactly what we'll build together inside YouTube Intensive. Your videos will be structured and optimized to grow your email list so that you have a constant stream of qualified leads wanting to work with you. No more pushy sales tactics - you'll be attracting your leads instead.


You don't just want your audience to watch you; you also want them to TRUST you. Inside YouTube Intensive, you'll learn how to create videos that position you as the go-to expert in your field. After binge-watching your videos, your audience will be ready to take the next step with you. People work with those they know, like & trust!


Inside YouTube Intensive, you'll create your Quick Win Offer (QWO) designed to get you to start producing an income from your channel. The purpose of your Quick Win Offer is to validate your idea and start getting sales from it before scaling it. Together we'll help you create an offer that aligns with your YouTube channel and becomes the obvious next step to working with you.

Skyrocket your PERSONAL BRAND

Throughout YouTube Intensive you'll be honing in your unique expertise and why people would choose to work with you. Your personal brand is what will set you apart and help you stand out from the competition in a saturated marketplace. This will be why people will choose you over the competition.

Get Brand Deals

As a bonus, you'll also receive my 2-hour course on working with brands and on sponsored videos. You''l learn how to leverage your YouTube channel for product reviews, tutorials and other brand-centric content. You'll learn how to create, package and sell your offers to brands without cold-pitching them or being pushy in any way.

Why Join YouTube Intensive?

I was able to change my life and move to Europe by creating educational YouTube videos.

Creating a successful YouTube channel isn't about how many views you can get.

Or how many subscribers you have.

You can affect real change by the value you provide in each video.

And you can drive people to action based on how you structure your video.

A YouTube channel can give you:

- instant visibility

- near-instant credibility & authority

- profitability with multiple income streams (passive and active)

It's literally the most organic way to grow your online presence, position yourself as an authority and have people flock to you for help!

That's what YouTube Intensive is all about.

What will you get inside YouTube Intensive?

Inside YouTube Intensive, we'll follow a simple visibility-credibility-profitability framework to building a channel and a business that supports your successful life.

In YouTube Intensive you won't just be learning about YouTube, the platform; you'll be learning the skills of creating, communicating, and thriving with video.

You'll be learning how to share your ideas in a way that inspires others.

You'll be creating your personal brand, organically.

And you'll be creating an income model that supports your video journey! #priceless

Who Should Consider Joining YouTube Intensive
(and who shouldn't)?

This program is perfect for you if you:

  • are an online entrepreneur
  • want to create digital products, such as courses, coaching programs etc or sell more of your existing programs
  • are a consultant, coach, solopreneur, author, speaker, or trainer
  • are good at what you do but your channel isn't making any income from products/services yet

This program is NOT suitable for you if you:

  • do not have any business idea yet
  • don't intend to use YouTube for business
  • don't have the funds to invest in a business decision
  • want to rely on AdSense as your only income stream
  • are only interested in vanity metrics (likes, subscribers, etc) or going viral

If you'd like to be considered for YouTube Intensive, please answer a few quick questions...

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