Salma JafriHey! Thanks for dropping by – I’m so happy you’re here 🙂

Hopefully, you’re here cause you want to know the small, actionable bits of content marketing advice that will make a big impact on your business and your bottom line. If so, you’re in the right place!

My motto is: “It’s always the little things

I fell in love with my work – content marketing – when I realized it’s tailor-made for the little guy. Sure the big corporations spend bazillions of dollars on it, but the small business owners (that’s you & me) can get a huge payback from it too. And some honest-to-goodness real results. All it requires is a cohesive strategy and some time.

That’s where I come in 🙂

What can I do for you?

I’m going to guide you through content marketing and it’s many offshoots – search engine optimization, blogging, content strategy, social media marketing, analytics and what have you. All big words, I know, but we’ll drill down to their basics so that you’ll only see the value without being overwhelmed.

For example, I would never tell you to start blogging without first identifying the specific value you’ll get from it. Similarly for social media – it’s bad enough that so many social networks are simultaneously vying for your attention and time, but together we’ll identify the one(s) most likely to get you the best return.

I pull all the various marketing elements together to deliver a strategy that makes sense for your business and for you personally, as the entrepreneur. So you can focus on doing what you do best and leave the content-driven marketing to me and my team.

So, who am I?

I did my MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi with a major in Marketing. But I swear, textbook marketing was nothing like the marketing tactics I saw in the real world! During my early fresh-out-of-college days I worked with Deloitte & Touche as a marketing consultant. Then with a software house as their marketing manager doing some technical writing on the side. And finally in my third job, as an instructional designer and content manager for an e-learning firm.

All those myriad experiences; but the most important experience that was to shape me into who I am today was in 2007 when I became a parent. Suddenly the phrase “it’s my baby” took on a whole new meaning 😉 Also all perspective about a traditional 9-5 job went out the window! I was itching to work but you couldn’t pry me away from being a mom.

That’s when I introduced myself to the world of online marketing – the tech, the ease, the glitz,  the glamour, the billion dollar deals, the wonderful social media connections, the many online tools, the beautiful blogs, and yes the online spam …. I’m completely self-taught.

On the Internet, I knew I’d found what I wanted to do. Of course the details were hazy, but I knew I wanted to combine my education and love for marketing with my passion for inspiring, teaching and training others. Ask me about politics, I’m dull and have nothing to say. Ask me how to start a blog and I’ve got a twinkle in my eye.

Business conversations stimulate and excite me. Hence I love talking with entrepreneurs such as yourself to hear your ideas and explore the realm of what is possible.

Why Content Marketing?

I love content marketing and chose it as my profession because of the authenticity surrounding it. I love how marketing doesn’t have to be icky and spammy and salesy. Instead marketing can be all about creating valuable content, making the right connections and developing mutually beneficial relationships.

The easiest path to selling? Build trust. How to build trust? Create valuable content consistently and help your audience constantly. That’s what I enjoy doing for my own business and what I like to help train startups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business and large corporations in.

My Content Marketing Manifesto

I’m au contraire by nature. So I can’t just follow a herd. Everything has to make sense to me personally. It has to have value for me to endorse it, believe in it. I will never do anything just because everyone is doing it, without first conducting my own due diligence.

In marketing that makes me an experimenter. I have a few basic principles which I work with. They are:

My values

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  • Love what you create. You’re going to have to convince someone else to love it, so it’s best to love it yourself first.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. A lot has been done by smart people the world over. Use what they’ve done and build upon it.
  • Make incremental changes. I believe that small changes in the right direction can have a much bigger impact that a few huge overhauls.
  • Always be applying the 80/20 rule to everything. Find what is working (the 20%) and use it to maximize returns (the 80%).


To check out my complete content marketing manifesto, view the slidedeck below:


Connect With Me

So, that’s me.

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