Create these

exact 10 videos for *instant authority*

with Salma Jafri

You don't need 100s of videos to be seen

as an expert on YouTube. You just need 10

I'm gonna be straight with you.

Consistency on YouTube is absolutely great. But consistency without a strategy is a waste of your time and sanity!

That's why I've put together this 100% value-packed training that will show you how to get the MOST VALUE from just 10 videos on your YouTube channel.

Whether you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, or you already have a channel and would like to grow it faster, these 10 videos are strategically designed to quickly attract your ideal audience and position you as an expert.

What you’ll get in this free training:

The exact 10 YouTube videos to create to immediately position yourself as an expert, whether you're just starting a channel or already have one.

How to start attracting your Ideal Audience (one that wants to work with you and buy from you) with your videos

My exact 90-Day Action Plan to create, optimize and implement these 10 videos on your YouTube channel. This alone will be worth the entire training!

Stop creating random videos that don't get results and start creating focused videos that move the needle in your business.

Reserve your seat now and watch my free training that will change the way you think about creating YouTube videos

Hi, I'm Salma!

I started my YouTube channel in 2015/16 and have noticed one very important thing over the years: 80% of my YouTube growth (subscribers, views, comments, leads, etc) all came from 20% of my most popular YouTube videos.

And you'll see this trend in every educational/business YouTube channel as well. So why not use it to our advantage?

I believe in working smarter, not harder (because honestly, creating videos can't be your full time job! And even if it is, we want it to be fun, right?). So I want to show you how to create the RIGHT kind of videos that will get you visible in front of the right audience. You in?