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6 Tips to be More Personable on Video

Video is HARD!

The power of video, is of course, that it grabs attention immediately, engages the senses and presents information in a stimulating way.

But here’s the thing: if you can’t make good videos, it’s probably better not to make videos at all.

Shocker? I think not!

Let me give you an example:

If you’re going to be reading […]

How to Find your Content Sweet Spot: The Concept of MED

In economics class, I studied a phenomenon called “the law of diminishing returns” which stated that increased efforts yields better/higher results, but only up till a certain point. Once this optimal point has been reached, more effort will not actually yield in better results. In fact more effort will mean lower results. Yikes!

I know […]

6 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content + Marketing = Content Marketing. The first part of the process is creating content, and the second part is marketing. But often most people confuse “marketing” with distribution.

In my opinion, marketing your content can further be broken down into two parts: Distribution + Promotion.

Distribution is simply the logistics of placing your content in […]

The Content Marketing Funnel: Create Content Using the Know Like Trust Factor

“Sales Funnel” is often considered a dirty word in marketing, but our job here at #CMtips is to make marketing fun, authentic and non-sleazy. So we’re going to develop a sales funnel for your content that will take you from feeling icky to feeling yummy :)

Join me!!

[Tweet “Forget icky sales funnels! Say hi to yummy […]

5 Steps to a Kick-Ass Content Strategy That Gets you Clear Business Results

Clarity is power. When you clearly tell your brain to go after something, it DOES!

When I decided to have a baby, suddenly all I could see were babies around me. Similarly, when I decided on the car I wanted to buy, suddenly a lot of people seemed to be driving that car on the […]

How to Share Your Content on Multiple Platforms (without being annoying)

Jess has a problem that plagues many smart entrepreneurs and marketers. She’s created an epic piece of content that she wants everyone to see, but if she shares the same post with the same wording everywhere, won’t that annoy people who follow her on more than one channel? And won’t they get turned off seeing multiple messages […]

How to Name your Ideas to Stand Out in Business

I lust after programs with cool-sounding names. And I’m not alone. Psychology tells us that giving your idea – a product, course, a book, a website, a program, a service, an app, etc – an actual and unique name will increase the chances of it being memorable and curiosity-inducing.

Let’s see how the pros do it. Watch […]

How to Be Real, Raw and Authentic without Going Overboard

Be authentic. Be authentic. Be authentic. Arrrghhhh!

When most entrepreneurs hear that they need to be authentic, they sometimes start over-sharing. Okay, you want authentic, here’s a video of me eating a healthy breakfast today. Now here’s a pic of me in my bathrobe…yay, I shower everyday. Ok, now I gotta IG my lunch, ya’ […]

How To Choose a Social Media Network to Focus on

How do you choose a social media network to focus on TODAY (it’s 2016 as I type this…)?

Now there’s a lot of ways to answer this question.

And if you wanted the boring answer, it would probably be to analyse each network and then see what was most suited according to your product and your offer […]

How to Market Your Business When you Have NO Money and NO Time

A reader recently asked me the million dollar question:

“Let’s say you have zero dollars to invest in marketing, not a cent. How would you get your brand out there?”
– Kellie

Glad you asked Kellie! I present to you my 8-steps in marketing your business online without spending a single penny and without it taking up […]