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Is Content Marketing some new fad? And can solopreneurs use it?

Today, we go back to basics.

Before you jump on the content bandwagon, it’s important to know that CM is not just another fad.

It’s not just the newest, coolest form of marketing (although I do think it’s pretty cool).

It’s a very sustainable, results-oriented, focused form of ethical marketing that can majorly impact your business.

It’s over […]

Why asking “How Much Content Should I Create” is the wrong question!

So you’ve decided that you’ll be using content marketing as part of your marketing efforts.


So you start to plan your content. Hmmm.

Okay, this is a lot of work, you think.

Wow, I’m going to need to create a large volume of content to keep up with [your competitor].

Dammit, screw this, I can’t create so much content!

That’s […]

3 Ways to Quickly Boost Website Traffic

I often like to say that content marketing is a long-term game – and it is. But sometimes you just want that instant gratification of knowing that you’re on the right track. Just a sign perhaps, something to tell you that what you’re doing matters to someone. That someone is listening. That your work […]

7 Ways Women Are Absolutely Natural Marketers!

Are any of these statements “so you”:

– Ugh, marketing is my least favorite activity of building a business

– I know that I have to do marketing but I really don’t enjoy doing it

– I wish there was some way I could just do what I love and create cool stuff without doing all the […]

What Are You REALLY Selling?

The other day I was sitting across from a prospective client and he said “we want to re-brand”.

“Why?” I asked him.

Because we want to sell more pizzas. Can you help us come up with a marketing slogan?

Ok, but what are you REALLY selling?

Umm, pizzas. I just told you.

No, what are you REALLY REALLY selling beyond pizzas?

[End […]

Should I Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

I love that technology enables me and other entrepreneurs to work online and run a remote business. I even try and do a lot of my meetings via online tools such as Skype and Hangouts.

So in all this business-building stuff, one reason why people can connect with me online and find me easily on […]

How to Be So Interesting, People will Stop and Listen to You

Everyone wants attention.

You want the attention of your audience.

You want the attention of your kids.

You want the attention of your customers and fans.

You want the attention of your friends and peers.

When most people want attention, they talk more. Shout louder. Scream, beg, and cry for attention.

But, ironically, the key to getting attention is to […]

How to Build your First Website in 20 mins – with no coding!

I remember when I wanted my own website years ago, I had no idea of where to go or how to build one. And I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this but it took me almost 3 months to build my first website. Yeah, 3 months. I mean that’s crazy, considering that today you can […]

Is your entire biz on Facebook? Quick, do this to save your business!

Most small businesses believe that having a Facebook Page is the start of establishing a web presence. They get so comfortable with Facebook’s free model, that they forget that they are living on rented land. And then they pay the price for that forgetfulness.

Would you fool yourself into thinking that an apartment you’re renting […]

The KLT Factor: 3 Steps to Attract Customers to your Business

This might be hard to hear but here’s the thing: no one really cares about you, they just care how you can help them. So you need to understand what your target audience needs and what motivates them to buy. And then you need to convince them to do business with you.

There’s two ways […]

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